Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Rules in Venezuela?

Dear Journalists,

Who Rules in Venezuela?

Perhaps even Hugo Chavez himself is being manipulated by ETA and/or FARC! Journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner wrote the following article that may leave some of you seeing right through what is taking place in Venezuela.


Report from Ambassador Otto J. Reich:

Link to online petition to free Oswaldo Alvarez Paz:

While Hugo Chavez continues his admiration for Fidel Castro the fact is that socialism may only work in advanced nations, and not under an abuse of power regime. Reports from Venezuela show that the country is not a great place to say the least where neglect every where is evident. Just this week a total out-of-control forest fire destroyed El Avila, and the individual who reported it before it became uncontrollable is allegedly receiving threats from Chavez’s government staff. This is when the T-shirt that college students wear stating “If you think education is expensive what about ignorance?” makes a lot of sense.

Movie Star Maria Conchita Alonso who has being outspoken about the situation in Venezuela for the last several years wrote the following open letter to infamous Sean Penn about his support for Chavez:

Chavez continues to jail his opponents and Venezuelan citizens are powerless against this abuse.

Venezuela congress lifts ex-Chavez ally's immunity

Since Venezuelans are getting ready for a new election, I recommend to please read ongoing reference below written by Alek Boyd:

Venezuelans expect the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy!


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