Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy and Compassionate Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a very happy and compassionate Thanksgiving!

In my personal opinion the PBS Frontline special on the so infamous Hugo Chavez produced by Ofra Bikel was nicely edited removing some of the outrageous moments, and including footage that clearly depict the leader as an autocrat, deranged, and pathetic.

I would have added Chavez’s reaction to the 1999 Vargas landslides where he refused foreign aide for those in need. Word is that Chavez was guided by some religious belief that the landslides were a sign for him. However, the weather has changed for Chavez as also shown at the end of the Frontline special.

His estranged wife was shown nicely and blond, but there was no mention that she was allegedly brutally attacked by Chavez after a domestic violence situation where “he was the macho man beating his wife to obey.” The former First Lady allegedly had to check herself into a private clinic for treatment.

The intimidation to those who work for him is greatly documented by Ofra Bikel, but leaving some other intimidation tactics like the killing of peaceful unarmed common citizens protesting at Plaza Francia just to stop them from doing so:

There are thousands of pictures narrating the abuse against Venezuelan citizens since Chavez took office.

The following link is to picture of Chavez’s candidates and in the background the horrible contrast of the city’s awful poverty, and neglect, and fantastic buildings in the background. All the candidates shown in the picture lost in the municipal elections held on November 23, 2008:


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