Sunday, November 23, 2008

Municipal Elections Updates

The electoral agency CNE announced partial results and the opposition has won key states!!!!!


The following link is to live broadcast from Globovision reporting all the events concerning the election results.


There are reports circulating the Internet that the website releasing poll results: is allegedly property of the Chavista

Citizens required by the electoral agency CNE ( to serve on the voting tables have been doing so since 5:00 AM today. At this time, the CNE is ordering all voting areas to remain open until 10:00 PM. Citizens working at the voting tables are exhausted, but can not return home.

En Petare denuncian que no hay votantes pero no dejan cerrar mesas

Chavez allegedly has ordered the infamous motocycle brigade out in the streets. There are reports of intimidations including firing their guns to the air, and other violent behavior including showing up at the voting stations.

The reports that are circulating is that citizens fear fraud. There have been several reports of wrong doings, and people have been arrested. However, the situation may be worse.

Detenidas 106 personas por romper normas electorales


Please know that most of these news are coming from excellent sources via Blackberry while they reach the press:

Venezuelans are denouncing “fraud” where Chavez’s supporters are manipulating votes.

El secretario general de AD, Henry Ramos Allup, indicó que no permitirá que el CNE “haga trampa o fraude”. Según el dirigente político, el organismo electoral realizaría una “prórroga indiscriminada” en las mesas de votación que violan la Ley.

Borges acusa al CNE de “cocinar un fraude”

And on You Tube:

Journalists in Miami, Florida are also reporting the current scandals, and CNE the electoral agency ( is asking that no results be announced prior to the official announcement.

There are reports that Chavez’s supporters in motorcycles are gathering to manifest, and or intimidate citizens which is a known Chavez's tactic.

As you may have seen in previous blog postings the motorcycles are allegedly salaried by Chavez. They usually wreak havoc throughout the city. In my posting of November 20, there is a mention that people stocked in traffic because of the devastating storms were robbed by motorcyclists.

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