Friday, November 07, 2008

Venezuela's Political Disaster - November 7, 2008

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please link to article written by Prof. Gustavo Coronel "Security briefingto U.S. Congress staff on Venezuela"

This is very important information for President Elect Barack Obama. As an Independent voter, I urge the new officials to please understand what is taking place in Venezuela. Both Democrats, and Republicans must help out Venezuelans to restore democracy in the abused and demoralized nation.

Please know that I wrote the following message and posted it in one of The Washington Post's comments from the readers:

Venezuelans seem very concerned about infamous Hugo Chavez contacting President Elect Barack Obama. Perhaps, Chavez in his pathetic message may think that President Elect Obama may put up with his demoralizing a nation, cocaine leaves consumption, pathetic insults, human right abuses, financially manipulating other leaders in Latin America with major gifts while blocking and/or limiting Venezuelans from international trade, and a long list of other wrong doings. I was troubled to watch Rev. Jesse Jackson not wipe out his tears when we elected our new President, was he just waiting for the cameras to record the tears? Rev. Jackson has met with Chavez in Caracas, and I worry about what his conversations may have been.

President Elect Obama must remember that he is our future president, and while his Democratic domestic programs for all of us are fantastic worth to vote for, his foreign programs need thorough understanding and must be aware of who he will be dealing with. Perhaps, President Elect Obama should seek immediate advice from those who know Hugo Chavez such as U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich. Amb. Reich has witnessed the destruction of Venezuela and could guide President Elect Obama to improve the current political disaster in this abused nation. Also, President Elect Obama should open contact with Colombian U.S. educated leaders who also understand the situation in Venezuela and who have followed Chavez’s behavior and actions.


Maru Angarita

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