Monday, November 03, 2008

Venezuela's Political Disaster - November 3, 2008

Dear Journalists,

"Guilty verdict in Venezuelan suitcase trial"
By Jay Weaver

Franklin Durán on Monday afternoon was found guilty of conspiracy and acting as an unregistered government agent for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

On the eve of the U.S. President Election, infamous Chavez expressed himself on a derogatory way towards Senator Barack Obama as explained on the link below:

Humm, I wonder how Senator Obama's officials who have visited Chavez in the last few years would feel about his racist comments. Venezuelan's must keep in mind that Senator Obama is a highly educated man, excelled in Harvard Law School to the point of becoming editor of Harvard Law Review, and other achievements, so Chavez's outrageous comments should be just another embarrassment for Venezuelans.

In other matters, Poland's former leader and Peace Prize Laureate Lech Walesa has been told that his safety while visiting Venezuelan can not be guaranteed by Chavez. Mr. Walesa was invited to talk to students concerning democracy. Students have been protesting in the last few days in Caracas with invited European parliamentarians.

Venezuelans need help from developed governments and international organizations to restore democracy and end corruption.


Maru Angarita

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