Monday, November 24, 2008

The day after the municipal elections

Infamous Chavez is as always abusing the nation with his boring, and autocrat disinformation speeches as I write this posting. He mentions punishing Globovision for allegedly releasing poll results ahead of time. Did Chavez keep track of all the organizations releasing exit polls before the time? I think that Venezuelans are really tired of the autocrat and really give a damn of what he says.

Luis Vicente León: "Chávez perdió el corazón del país"

The following link is to pictures of the so infamous Chavez's "undercover" motorcycle brigades as mentioned on previous postings during the November 23 announcement of results:

Civil organization Sumate received over 600 reports of manipulation of votes, and some people are protesting the exit polls results in Barinas state:

The following is link to pictures after the devastating storm of November 20 while Chavez seized the television networks for his abusive talk to the nation blocking emergency calls to inform the citizens of the dangerous weather:

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