Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More about the US$800,000 - A Bagman's Tale - Washington Post

Dear Journalists,

I am pleased to attach below comments from Blogger Pedro Mario Burelli concerning The Washington Post's editorial "A Bagman's Tale". His blog address is

"A Bagman's Tale - Did Hugo Chávez purchase the allegiance of Argentina's new president?"

PMBComment: This fine editorial will certainly lend "credence" to the Kirchner's culpable - and laughable - response to the case of the one bag of Venezuelan petrodollars that was intercepted on the way to their personal piggy bank. Shameless and uncouth, Mr. and Mrs K have opted to ditch any possibility of being taken seriously by anyone serious in the world by using the pig headed pit bull approach to attack everyone in the US for their up and coming misery. The Washington Post will certainly be fingered as part of the plot to subvert Mrs. K's presidency and her dangerous liaison with sugar daddy Hugo Rafael. The editorial ends with a question: Is Argentina becoming a colony of Venezuela? The answer is certainly no, the Kirchner's have simply mortgaged their own political future to a corrupt autocrat and now it is time to face the consequences. Nobody will cry for you Cristina! PMB

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