Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where is the international help for Venezuelans?

Dear  Journalists,
Venezuelan unarmed protesters including opposition leaders in Caracas were brutally assaulted on May 29, 2017 by dozens of heavily armed National Guards. Protesters were almost asphyxiated by tear gas, and then were physically attacked. There were around 250 injured and some were badly hurt.
There are reports that Maduro has brought into Venezuela hundreds of mercenaries from Cuba and other nations who attack and kill protesters. The amount of protesters killed increased to sixty-two.There are hundreds of protesters detained and injured. Protesters are the large majority of citizens demanding  immediate presidential elections to restore democracy. However, they are overpowered by corrupt law enforcement officials.Why are not international governments helping Venezuelans restore democracy? This is the right time to help them!

Maru Angarita