Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Chavistas assaulted opposition legislators

UPDATED at 11:39 p.m. EST

Pictures of Maria Corina Machado and Julio Borges immediately following the assault by Chavistas:
UPDATED at 11:06 p.m. EST
Venezuelan opposition legislator Maria Corina Machado and six other legislators were brutally assaulted by Chavistas legislators inside the National Assembly. The violent attack was witnessed by the Speaker Diosdado Cabello who just smiled while opposition legislators were attacked as reported by Maria Corina Machado.  Legislator Machado denounced that she was assaulted by Nancy Ascencio who threw her by her hair, dragged her on the floor and caused her injuries including to her nose, all of this assault right next to Diosdado Cabello.
Legislator Machado also denounced that the following Chavistas were involved in the assault: diputados Claudio Farías, Jesús Farías, Giovanni Peña, Juan Carlos Alemán, Odalis Monzón, Nancy Ascencio y Michele Reyes.
Globovision: La diputada María Corina Machado detalló que siete diputados resultaron heridos tras ser atacados por parlamentarios de oficialismo en el Hemiciclo de la Asamblea Nacional. "El diputado Américo De Grazia fue empujado escaleras abajo y cinco personas le cayeron encima, lo golpearon salvajemente y está hospitalizado, esto mientras el diputado Diosdado Cabello sonreía", denunció Machado.
Narró que ella fue tirada al piso por el cabello, mientras la diputada Nancy Ascencio la golpeaba cerca del puesto del presidente de la AN, Diosdado Cabello. Responsabilizó a Cabello de permitir estos hechos de violencia en el Parlamento."Nuestros agresores fueron los diputados Claudio Farías, Jesús Farías, Giovanni Peña, Juan Carlos Alemán, Odalis Monzón, Nancy Ascencio y Michele Reyes", indicó Machado.
Venezuelans must demand that the National Assembly enforces ethics and take full responsibility and corrective action following this assault. World leaders must stop supporting thugs in Venezuela, and unite to restore democracy in Venezuela!

Dear Journalists,
During a National Assembly session on this date of April 30, 2013 seven opposition legislators including Maria Corina Machado were assaulted by Chavistas. Legislator Américo de Gracia was left unconscious.
El Universal: 07:24 PM Saldo en AN. 7 lesionados y diputado Américo de Gracia quedó inconsciente www.eluniversal.com
Photos and video:
In the meantime, infamous self-proclaimed Maduro ordered seizing the media networks to show another government event.
The International Court of Justice, busy at it is, should make time to prosecute Hugo Chavez’s thugs who survived him for abuse of power, fraud, and more fraud if the alleged algorithms and open violation of the vote are true.
Venezuelans need help from world leaders to assure the safety of the opposition leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.
Maru Angarita
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