Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fuel advertisement rubs salt into Venezuelans' wounds

The following is letter to the editor published in the Financial Times on December 07, 2005 concerning the issue discussed on my posting Venezuela's Political Disaster - May 13, 2008

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Fuel advertisement rubs salt into Venezuelans' wounds


By Per Kurowski, Financial TimesPublished: Dec 07, 2005

From Mr Per Kurowski.
Sir, Andy Webb-Vidal got it absolutely right when he pointed out the incongruence of Venezuela, with its abounding extreme poverty, distributing subsidies through cheap heating oil to the less well-off in a Massachusetts, US, that has more than 10 times its per capita income.

But as Mr Webb-Vidal most probably did not see the advertisement that ran last week in some US newspapers, he left out some details about what really rubs salt in the Venezuelans' wounds.
First, the picture in the ad, which is the one to be compared with the shanty towns in Venezuela, depicts a large, two storey, typical Massachusetts self-standing house, with a small garden and a big tree in front, beautifully decorated with what looks to be Christmas ornaments, and completely lit up, porch included.
Second, the ad ends with the statement: "The fuel assistance program isn't about politics. It's about offering humanitarian aid to those who need it. What could be more American than that?"

Per Kurowski, Bethesda, MD 20814, US

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