Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - August 14, 2007

Dear Journalists,

As you may imagine, Venezuelans are following the scandal of the US$800,000 caught in Argentina very closely, and a lot of people are providing lots of information for the authorities.

First of all, please read the attached link to article from The Economist "Venezuela's New Rich" republished by Hacer.org.


and article "Alien, el noveno pasajero" reporting details of the infamous trip to Argentina, and how this may be related to money laundering world wide:


The corruption in Venezuela is beyond pathetic. Chavez makes the uneducated Venezuelans believe that he is there to provide help, thus making them parasites of the government while Chavez and thugs allegedly drain the country of all funds.

Chavez imposes huge foreign exchange rates devaluating the Venezuelan currency where it has never been before. Please remember that in the 1980's Venezuelans could buy one dollar with 4.30 bolivares, and presently one dollar is worth 4,300 bolivares thus destroying all purchasing power, and the life savings of honest people.

So, honest people with integrity in Venezuela are broke after being kept hostages for several years by Chavez, the poor are parasites of the government, and thugs are richer than ever they could even imagine. Chavez travels the world, and see his friends as his deranged whim feels like it, so how much do his extravagant trips cost? But, honest Venezuelans are grounded unable to travel because the dollar is so expensive.

Please see the next link of very sad and realistic cartoons from Venezuela:



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