Saturday, July 21, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - July 21, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Deny Everything! That is usually the first reaction of those who are corrupted, and sick as it sounds the guiltier they are the more they deny wrong doing.

It seems that Chavez and thugs may also fall into this category as reported by editorial concerning the infamous dictator financing guerrillas en Mexico:

En riesgo, las relaciones diplomáticas con Venezuela by Georgina Pineda Sánchez:

Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) has initiated their broadcast via cable from Miami. However, Chavez is allegedly manipulating censoring RCTV even if they are based abroad.

"RSF: Venezuelan govn't plans forcing cable TV to transmit mandatory broadcastsReporters Without Borders (RSF) published a press release warning that President Hugo Chávez' government intends to "force cable television channels to retransmit president-ordered nationwide mandatory radio and television broadcasts."

The next link is to follow-up video of Chavez's mayor Barreto embarrassing, and disgusting fight during one of the games of Copa America and the arrest of four peaceful protesting students. Venezuelans reacted yelling "Dirty Creep, and Freedom"

Comments from Journalist
Aquiles Castañeda Bohmer's observation of the Copa America:

Desde la cima del cielo

Chavez feels all powerful because he has money, and does not care about people's dignity and needs. Please know that the Venezuelan currency has basically no value compared to international currencies. So, Chavez is showering in luxuries that Venezuelans have lost.


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