Sunday, August 27, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - August 27, 2006

Dear Journalists,

While Chavez is trying his darnest to get a seat in the United Nations Security Council as indicated in the attached link below from The Washington Post, there is an alert of possible giant fraud to take place in the upcoming December presidential elections in Venezuela. As I have previously posted in this blog, Venezuelan Opposition has succeeded to unite and choose one single candidate, Manuel Rosales, to represent them. However, suddenly a list of eighteen plus unheard of candidates have appeared on the list running in the presidential election. Word is that this is a Chavez's trick to place his own people at the polls and thus disrupt the elections.

The unconfirmed list of surprise alleged presidential candidates is:

Orlando Fernández (Iniciativa Propia), Álvaro Carrillo (Iniciativa Propia), Gerardo Guzmán (Iniciativa Propia), Eudes Vera Tovar (Iniciativa Propia), Belkis Mireya Ortiz (Iniciativa Propia), Vladimir Martínez (Iniciativa Propia), Carolina Contreras (Iniciativa Propia), y Angel Soteldo por Misión Venezuela.

Abades Vásquez (UNIDOS), Alejandro Suárez (MSN), Angel Irigoyen (RC), Benjamín Rausseo (Piedra), Brígida García (JUAMBIMBA), Carmelo Romano Pérez (MLPU), Enoes Sánchez (FAI), Homer Rodríguez (PQV), Isbelia León (IFP), Jesús Caldera Infante (Napo), José Chávez (Rena), José Martínez (PSN), José Tineo (VTM), Lourdes Santander (AMAOS), Luis Reyes (JOVEN), Pedro Aranguren (MPC), Venezuela Da Silva (NOS), Judith Salazar (HP).

Please know that I am e-mailing this message to previous and possible international election observers, and may I please request that everyone is aware of Chavez's alleged cheating methods and protect Venezuela's democracy.


Maru Angarita
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