Saturday, July 22, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - July 22, 2006

Dear Journalists,

While there is a war in the Middle East Chavez is traveling to visit his "friends" in Brazil and Argentina, Europe and Asia, specifically to Belarus, Russia, Qatar, Iran and Vietnam:

Israel has called Venezuelan diplomat for consultation after Chavez last July 14th censored Israeli military attacks against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip:

The attached link below is of interview to Cuban author, journalist and politician Carlos Alberto Montaner concerning the upcoming passing of Fidel Castro:

Of utmost importance during this current world havoc, is that Venezuelans are facing alleged major fraud in the upcoming presidential elections where Hugo Chavez is running as candidate, and he is making sure to have enough votes to win by whatever means. In addition to using magical Smartmatic e-voting machines, there is evidence and testimony of wrong doings in signing up voters. The following sample information concerns a Colombian housekeeper working in Venezuela who has been giving a Venezuelan identification card to vote:

"Otro testimonio:

Una señora que trabajó muchos años con nosotros se ceduló como extranjera, colombiana por más señas, y antes de proceder a tramitar su cédula de extranjera le indicaron dónde debía registrarse y dónde debía votar.

Como la pobre señora lo que quería era su cédula y de paso no iba ni va a estar aquí en Diciembre, hizo como le dijeron.

Me trajo las pruebas. Va a votar en Caurimare......"

Next please find link to article written by Miguel Duquenal "Venezuela: 8 million illegal entries in electoral roll":

Please know that I am also forwarding this message, as I have been doing for the last few years, to previous and possible current international observers for the elections in Venezuela. Hopefully, they will be able to see and stop the abuse for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for December 2006.


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