Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - June 6, 2006

Dear Journalists,

CNN's Author and Commentator Lou Dobbs has been presenting this week an investigative report on infamous "Smartmatic", the technology company in charge of Venezuela's processing of votes in the last several elections. As some of you who have read my mailings to the press in the last few years may know Venezuelans feel cheated by the elections results that have kept Chavez in power.

Attached below please find link to Lou Dobbs transcripts of the investigative report on Smartmatic:




"KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): The use of some 19,000 electronic voting machines in the city of Chicago and Cook County primary on March 21st of this year is now under intense scrutiny. The U.S. company that makes the machine, Sequoia, was bought in 2005 by Smartmatic, a private company primarily owned by Venezuelan businessmen. When Chicago had problems with the machines, a dozen Venezuelan employees were there to help with the election. Chicago officials are outraged."

Those of you interested in this investigation should also visit
www.vcrisis,com and run a search for Smartmatic.


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