Sunday, April 02, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 2, 2006

Dear Journalists,

United States Ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, is asking Chavez to please tone down his aggravating rhetoric filled with insults which are at the root of the problem between the United States and Venezuela:
"Estas diferencias no van a desaparecer en los próximos días, semanas o meses", afirmó el embajador y agregó que "ojalá que en el futuro nosotros podamos expresar nuestras diferencias y discrepancias de una manera que no incluya palabras retóricas como "burro, borracho, asesino, demente, terrorista, nefasto", indicó el diplomático."

In the meantime, while Chavez is protected by hundreds of Cuban bodyguards, and wearing top of the line body armors, Venezuelan citizens live under an increased wide spread crime. This Sunday there is a march of citizens in Maracay protesting the lack of security in the city after a well-known businessman was kidnapped and murdered by thugs posing as police officers at a mobile check point.

It is about time that Chavez looks out after the well being of Venezuelan citizens, or does he care at all?


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