Monday, February 16, 2009

Did Chavez Cheat?


I am convinced that Chavez must of have cheated to win this election. I make this statement as an observer, and advocate for Venezuelans who have witnessed abuse of power, after watching Chavez's behavior after he lost on this issue on December 2, 2007, and the days after where he was committed to win.

Chavez insisted in having this election on February 15, and there were reports that the voting machines were set up to turn votes into the “yes” for Chavez. There were calls for help from people who went to vote against Chavez and the machine marked as “yes” instead of NO!

Venezuelans are hostages of a man who allegedly will use what ever it takes legal or illegal to remain in power. Venezuelans need help from organized nations to help them restore democracy. In the last several years observers have been quiet settled allowing Chavez to remain in power even though they knew that the results were questionable. What are world leaders to do this time?

Venezuela's activists and volunteers reactions when the results of Chavez winning (possible cheating) the elections:

Perhaps among the 2,127 complaints that civil organization SUMATE received on February 15, there is one that witnesses report where an eighty-year old woman who wanted to vote NO against Chavez failed to do so because Chavez's voting machine recorded her vote as Yes for Chavez. The lady was enraged and tore the ballot, and was pushed and arrested by the National Guard. Witnesses were able to rescue her from that ordeal.

The following link is to analysis of how the votes turned out:

6 millones avalaron la enmienda

Maru Angarita