Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stratfor: Russia: A Naval Foray to the Caribbean

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Russia: A Naval Foray to the Caribbean
September 8, 2008 1812 GMT
Russia's plans to conduct joint naval exercises with Venezuela are a reminder that it, too, can tinker in other people's backyards.

Russia is planning to send a task force from its Northern Fleet to the Caribbean Sea in November to conduct joint exercises with the Venezuelan navy — exercises Russia insists were planned before the Georgian incursion. In any case, the 5,000-nautical-mile journey may be a sign that Russia plans to assert itself next in the U.S. near-abroad.


"Venezuela will buy training planes and fighters from China, and at the same time it has offered its territory to the Russian government for its aircrafts can stop over and its ships have a port of call, said President Hugo Chávez, who did not elaborate on the characteristics of the weaponry he will negotiate with Chinese President Hu Jintao."



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