Thursday, September 11, 2008

UPDATE: S.O.S. Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 11, 2008

Dear Journalists,

In memory of September 11, 2001.

There are reports that Venezuelans are protesting by banging pots while infamous Chavez continues to talk at this time of the evening. Rumors say that this show could be to get the attention off the pending charges at the Miami trial concerning the US$800,000

Apocalypse has hit the fan in Venezuela, and/or Chavez is having a nervous breakdown sizing all media networks and talking non-stop for over 12 hours. Allegedly Chavez has kicked out of the country the U.S. Ambassador as did yesterday his buddy Evo Morales in Bolivia. Word is that the infamous leader is replaying Bay of Pigs. As you may have noticed the deranged leader frequently recalls distorted historic events from the 18th and 19th century in Venezuela, and he may actually believe that they are happening!

The outrageous details are that Chavez is screaming, and using all sorts of uncensured profanities (witnesses have counted over 100 profanities) which children may be listening to on non-stop live television showing Chavez suffering a nervous breakdown, or too much "coffee."

This is link to part of the profane video:

S.O.S. Venezuelans need help from developed governments and international organizations to restore democracy and end corruption.


Maru Angarita
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