Friday, July 01, 2011

Cancer, lies & disinformation


Hugo Chavez has been referred to as a cancer to Venezuelans in addition to as Venezuelans’ worst enemy. His infamous staff have been allegedly providing disinformation to reporters, and keeping up a farce about Chavez’s health. Sooner or later we all knew that some truth was going to spill out of the bucket of lies.

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat explains the way the Chavez’s staff handled the situation.

Chronology of a lie concerning Chavez's health:

La salud de Chávez: Cronología de una mentira

The infamous leader said that as quoted on CNN "Throughout my life, I've been making the fundamental error of neglecting my health and being reluctant to get checkups." He should realize now “ahora” that he has neglected Venezuelan citizens in favor of his own selfish dreams where it seems that he only cares about the billions of dollars earned by the oil company PDVSA.

Is the infamous leader going to realize now “ahora” while he is under much needed sedation that Venezuela’s hospitals have been neglected as well? He should have given the US$10m gift to Uruguay’s hospital to Venezuela. It seems that Hugo Chavez has been disinformed to provide to other countries instead of resolving the immediate critical financial problems in Venezuela.

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