Monday, September 06, 2010

Patria, sociopath & death

Updated 9/12/2010

Dear Journalists,

In memory of Franklin Brito

On this Labor Day in the U.S.A., a Portuguese businessman in Venezuela begins hunger strike to defend his property. This is a similar situation as the one that took place with Franklin Brito who died waiting response from Hugo Chavez about his farm.

New hunger strike in Venezuela centers on land

Usted es un miserable que me robó… lo espero en La Haya”

While Chavez’s government denies that Franklin Brito was a victim of expropriations he may remain in the opinion of many as a martyr or hero trying to denounce human rights abuses in Venezuela.

As you may know, “A denial is a part of a legal
Pleading that refutes the facts set forth by the opposing side. A general denial takes exception to all the material elements of the complaint or petition, and a specific denial addresses a particular allegation in issue.”

Hunger-striking farmer dies at 49

The case of Franklin Brito -A chronology

Chavez continues to sell his hypocritical conviction for Patria, Socialism or Death which is ill-fated. Chavez’s sociopath behavior neglecting Venezuelans’quality of life and mocking all organized institutions may be one of the causes of the violent deaths.

Chavez's base, the poor, wobbles as election looms

New cases of Malaria in Venezuela

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat comments about the upcoming municipal elections scheduled for September 26, 2010. He explains that Chavistas candidates are a no-show only represented by Hugo Chavez himself as the shameful puppeteer.

International organizations are called to please monitor the elections to avoid electronic cheating by Chavez’s own electoral machines. Venezuelans need the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.


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