Saturday, February 16, 2008

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 16, 2008

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelans are preparing a world wide protest against Chavez scheduled for April 11, 2008 as indicated in the attached link.

Below please find quote concerning Chavez's government:
Quotable from

“Over the last five years, the amount of drugs passing through Venezuela was some 20-30 tons a year, but now it is 200-300 tons a year. This is no growth, but an explosion. The fact is the amount of drug in transit in Venezuela has increased 15-fold.”

US Ambassador to Colombia William Brownfield

Please make sure to read Harvard Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli's blog on the current situation in Venezuela:

Venezuelans need help from developed governments and international organizations to restore democracy and end corruption.


Maru Angarita

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