Saturday, December 08, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - December 8, 2007

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You may recall that in August 2007 a scandal broke after a Venezuelan allegedly traveling with Chavez's officials was caught with a brief case filled with US$800,000 in Argentina. (Please read my blog postings on that subject doing a search for $800,000). Today, Alexander Boyd of and the new Diario Hispano Venezolano report a new situation with another US$800,000 case involving a Venezuelan military aircraft in Bolivia:

Democrat Chavez subverting Bolivia

Un avión militar venezolano es apedreado

What in the world is going on? While Venezuelans are severely restricted of doing business with foreign currencies, and traveling as reported by El Universal yesterday in the link below, Chavez and thugs travel the world and with unlimited access to Venezuelans' money, and in this case with questionable intents.

Exchange board suspends dollar quota to 5,000 people


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