Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 17, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Many people may have the opinion that since Venezuela is oil rich, and Chavez gives money away to everyone around the world who may like him, that Venezuelans are enjoying abundance of food and other items to have an enhanced quality of life. Tout à fait le contraire!

Venezuelans can not find basic food such as milk, eggs, potatoes, sugar and other items any where at the grocery stores. Grocery stores sell a maximum of two liters of milk per person when there is some available. You do not see this information a lot in the news.

Columbian Journalist from El Tiempo Fernando Londoño wrote about this last month:

I have received lots of complaints from Venezuelans furious that while the infamous Chavez is inventing daily whims to give money away to Bolivia, Cuba and all the countries that he is allegedly supporting they are not able to find basic items to eat.

On this date, Chavez allegedly is doing a humanitarian dealing hopefully successful to free hostages kept by the FARC. Please watch report from on this situation: Colombie: en zone de guerrilla

While this involvement by Chavez may be a humanitarian act, Chavez as a person seems to be deranged. He should just spend his energy to become a television personality joking and singing with his own networks for those enjoy bad taste. Venezuelans are hostages of Chavez living at the whim of what ever goes through this infamous leader's mind as reported by Human Rights Watch:

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