Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hugo Chavez to undergo surgery again

America's Forum reports breaking news that Hugo Chavez is in Cuba for another surgery.  Reuters' article Venezuela's Chavez to have another operation explains the ongoing situation:
El Universal reports similar news:
Venezuelans seem to be very tired of Hugo Chavez's disinformation, and do not believe most of the news.  The rumors of his trip to Cuba where he was reportedly joined by his whole family coincided with Carnival vacation.
 In the meantime, Venezuelans are complaining of the decay of public services including the beloved Planetarium Humboldt in Parque del Este in Caracas.  There are unconfirmed reports that the Planetarium has not been operating since November 2011 because of bad air conditioning, and other issues related to funding.
The ancient planetarium projector currently in operation at the park dates back several decades.  Even though, the lack of  new technology amateur astronomers use it regularly.  Venezuela has active amateur astronomers who keep up-to-date with space observation.
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